SPOKANE, Washington, which issued an invitation to the International Association of Fire Chiefs two years ago at the Oklahoma City Convention for its 1938 meeting, but gracefully withdrew in favor of New Orleans, is again extending an invitation to the Association for its 1940 convention, and here’s what they say:

That “never say die spirit of the West manifests itself in extending to the International Association of Fire Chiefs the open arms of Spokane, “the friendly city,” for the 1940 convention.

The Spokane Fire Department, under the efficient and able direction of Chief W. P. Payne, offers one of the most versatile programs ever to be staged by any one department.

The pulse of the entire department urges their Chief to invite the International Convention to Spokane in 1940.

The Spokane Chamber of Commerce; the Junior Chamber of Commerce; the people of Spokane; numerous civic bodies, and the Spokane City Council stand as one group to invite you in convention in 1940—“let us entertain you in this playground of the Northwest” seems the thought of every department member.

Spokane is the metropolitan and commercial capital of that section of eastern Washington. Oregon, northern Idaho and western Montana that is called the Inland Empire.” and as a city of 135,000 is the largest between the Twin Cities on the east and the Pacific tidewater.

The Spokane Fire Department is asking for the 1940 convention to be held in their city. Due to past registrations of former conventions (such as the Pacific Coast Fire Chief’s Association; the Washington State Firemen’s Association; the Washington State Fire Chief’s Association, and many others of this nature). Spokane has proven its ability to put on a convention, and fully understands the needs and desires of its guests.

Just imagine 76 well-stocked game-fish lakes within 50 miles of the city.

Three great national parks a short distance from Spokane.

The greatest of all man-made projects of this generation—the Grand Coulee Dam, one of the wonders of the world. Spokane is the gateway and the nearest large city to this stupendous project on the Columbia River. This dam, ultimately, to be one of the world’s largest, is beinq constructed where the prehistoric bed of the mighty Columbia joins the river of the present day. It is a federal project. The United States Government has appropriated $63,000,000 to build the first unit. The dam, when finally completed, will be the largest spillway dam in the world. This massive block of concrete will be 550 feet from bedrock to the top; 500 feet thick at the base, and 36 feet wide at the top.

Along the crest it will measure 4,300 feet, as compared to the 1,180-foot length of Boulder Dam; and to build, it was necessary to excavate 17,000,000 cubic yards, whereas only 7,000.000 were excavated to build Boulder Dam.

Entrance to this beautiful city may be on any one of five transcontinental trains arriving and departing daily; 12 branch railway lines; three United States highways; three state highways, and daily bus schedules to all parts of the United States. Spokane is one of the largest transportation centers in the Pacific Northwest.

Now, you may say, Spokane should not have the 1940 convention, due to the fact that San Francisco is entertaining you this year, and that if Spokane were to be the host city in 1940, it would be two consecutive years for the Pacific coast.

May we remind you to review the locations of former International meetings, from the standpoint of location, district, and closeness to one another. Over 60 per cent of previous conventions have been held in close proximity to one another in the same general district of the country, while a good 50 per cent of these have been within 1,000 miles of each other.

We. of the West, feel that due to our interest in the International, we surely must have some right to expect the selection of 1940. The surroundinq states of Washington have also an interest in the future and well-being of the International Association of Fire Chiefs. Spokane has advantages over many other cities in the United States, and we are anxious to show them to you.

Spokane has facilities to care for any number of people, plus an up-to-date department; plus a Chief who is alert, progressive and anxious to extend to you the hand of welcome.

If you are looking for something new in displays; VOTE FOR SPOKANE!!!

If you like spectacular exhibitions and demonstrations; VOTE FOR SPOKANE! ! ! !

If you want a constructive, enlightening, educating program; VOTE FOR SPOKANE! ! ! !

If you want a welcome that will be remembered for years to come; VOTE FOR SPOKANE! ! ! !


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