Sprinkler School Started at Worcester

Sprinkler School Started at Worcester

Supt. William H. Guertin, of the Insurance Fire Patrol, of Worcester, Mass., has established a Sprinkler School where instruction is given to the men of the patrol in the operation of automatic fire devices and the replacement of sprinkler heads.

A complete sprinkler system has been installed in the patrol building for demonstration purposes and Rufus E. Ham, a member of the patrol force, has been appointed instructor.

Members of the Worcester Fire Department, manufacturers, watchmen, and owners of buildings will attend classes. The material for the system was donated by the Rockwood Sprinkler Company.

The operation of dry pipe systems in buildings where there is not sufficient heat to prevent water freezing is explained, also the connections leading to alarm gongs, etc.

The sprinkler school is a very practical idea and will do much to prevent water damage caused by ignorance of watchmen and others as to how to shut off a defective sprinkler.

Supt. Guertin is being congratulated for his progressive ideas and efficient management of the Insurance Fire Patrol.

William H. Guertin

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