St. Joseph to Have New Drill Tower

St. Joseph to Have New Drill Tower

The fire department of St. Joseph, Mo., is soon to have a steel drill tower. At the present time the frame part of the tower is being erected. The fire school of the city will he under the direction of Assistant Chief Leo J. Urbanski, who recently took a course of inspection at the Chicago Drill School. According to Chief Horace G. Regan of the fire department, the members make between 2,100 and 2,200 inspections of business and hazard districts every month and the results, according to Chief Regan, are very satisfactory. During the past two years the city has bought thirteen new AmcricanLaFrance pieces of apparatus and three touring cars. constructed a new headquarters building and all of the old fire houses have been repaired and repainted, so that now the department is in firstclass condition as to apparatus and housing.

St. Joseph, according to the chief, was the first city in Missouri to organize a troop of boy scout firemen and he says that they are “a wonderful bunch of little fellows and a big help to us in a great many ways.”

The city of St. Joseph owns 60 feet of ground south of the new headquarters building and the men of the department have converted this into “as pretty a little park as there is in this dear old U. S. A. and we claim, and believe we have proof that in the combination of this building and grounds we have the finest headquarters in America. Of course this does not put out fires, but it has a wonderful moral effect on the men, and they are up on their toes and full of pep at all times and that is what makes any fire department a success.”

Chief Horace G. Regan, St. Joseph, Mo.

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