Standards for Heating Equipment

Standards for Heating Equipment

A new pamphlet outlining safety standards for the installation of heat producing appliances, air conditioning systems, and similar equipment has been issued by the National Board of Fire Underwriters.

The pamphlets, which sets standards for all types of heating appliances and equipment now in common use, is titled, “Building Code Standards of the National Board of Fire Underwriters for the Installation of Heat Producing Appliances, Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning, Blower, and Exhaust Systems.”

Much of the information in this pamphlet was included in the 1943 edition of the NBFU Recommended Building Code, but is now available in a separate publication for the first time.

All of the material was reviewed by a committee of expeyts and brought up to date. The provisions in this new Standard can be used by any municipality regardless of whether or not the community has adopted the National Building Code.

Copies of the pamphlet are available from the National Board of Fire Underwriters, 85 John Street, New York 7.

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