Star of Life Markings Available Through ASA

Star of Life Markings Available Through ASA

The new Star of Life ambulance markings are now available from the Ambulance Society of America.

The replacement of the traditional red Greek cross by the new symbol, as well as the lettering “AMBULANCE” is blue reflective, is mandatory for all federally funded vehicles. It also is expected that all ambulance services will be urged to make the transition.

ASA offers the markings in sizes, color and reflectivity to meet exact DOT mandatory specifications. Markings will be on a field of pure white made possible by using the Scotchlite Brand 9290 reflective sheeting, which meets DOT specifications. ASA also has available blue reflective AMBULANCE lettering and complementary striping.

For information and prices, write ASA, 230 E. Fifth Street, St. Paul, Minn. 55101.

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