Sunbury, Pa.—First steps have been taken by third ward residents for the formation of a new fire company to insure adequate protection for that section of the borough in the place of subscription lists in third ward places of business, in an effort to raise funds with which to start the movement.

Pledges in any amount are being sought through these lists and if the proper support is given it is proposed to get the new organization under way by fall.

The need of a fire company in the third ward has long been discussed by residents of the upper .end of the town and plans for formation of such an organization have been seriously considered during the past year without any action being taken. A site for a temporary home could be secured with little difficulty, it is believed, and in the matter of equipment, one of the hose crabs at present held by the No. 1 Fire Company could likely be secured without trouble. More modern apparatus could be secured as the company became more firmly established.

With both of the present fire companies located in the lower end of the town, the third ward, which is the section of the borough enjoying the most healthy growth is not given ample protection, it is felt, and the proposed new fire fighting unit would overcome this deficiency.

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