Yonkers. N. Y.—All Yonkers joined in welcoming the fifteenth annual convention of the State Association of Fire Chiefs which held one day’s session here July 1.

The official headquarters of the convention at the New Getty house was a scene of animation as the members of the association gathered to go through the formalities of registering and becoming acquainted with the city, officials and the combined committee of the Chamber of Commerce.

Posters welcoming the chiefs had been spread broadcast throughout the city to show the visitors that the city was proud of having them as its guests.

After registering, the guests were taken in automobiles for short trips around the city and later were entertained as the guests of the Elks’ club at that club on South Broadway.

Keep appreciation was expressed by the visitors for the spirit of hospitality shown by the uniformed fire forces of the city as well as the private citizens.

The entire morning was taken up with the different members becoming acquainted with each other and the people of Yonkers.

The actual formalities began at 12:30 o’clock by the gathering of the chiefs at the New Getty house and marching to city hall, escorted by the fire department drum corps.

In the afternoon the visitors held their business meeting in the common council chambers of the City I fall. A number of interesting papers, concerning the activities of the fire fighters, were read, and the election of officers took place.

Following the meeting, at about 4:30 o’clock, the Yonkers fire department was reviewed, and then an inspection and sight-seeing trip was made about the city in automobiles.

The visiting fire chiefs then went to Shanley’s for dinner. Following the dinner, they attended a perfonnance at Proctor’s theatre as the guests of Manager Guy A. Graves. Among the chiefs attending the convention were:

Henry I. Yates, Schenectady; E. J. Shadwick, Saratoga; F. H. Irwin, Oneida; Rodney Chipp, Kingston: William Gaffney, Watertown; George N. Brook, Canastota; John Carr, Canastota; L. J. Sullivan, Utica; George Bower, Rome; David Evans, Rome; E. J. Hitchins, Frankfort; William Edick; Frankfort; Charles Baker, Frankfort; W. J. Carder, Frankfort; E. J. Coyle, Lockport; John Work, Glens Falls, Thomas O’Connor, Schenectady; S. D. Smith, Frankfort; M. J. Grimlev, Mechanicsville; Charles Doebler, North Tonawanda; Fred Knight, North Tonawanda; James Hewitt, North Tonawanda; Lester Coffee, Watervliet; Robert Lockwood, New York city ; Walter Curtice, Geneva; James Gollin, Cohoes; W. P. Burke, Syracuse; C. S. Hoohe, Schenectady; Walter Jones, New Rochelle; H. S. Tenming, New York city; P. A. Schunpaid, New York city; Richard Pursell, Kingston; L. C. Brookins, Norwich; L. D. Haight, Norwich.

John Henlon, New York city; Mell Hart, New York city; A. A. Post, Geneva; J. F. Hard, Mount Vernon; A. H. Lyon, Binghamton; A. D. Fanches, Binghamton; Charles Huber. Endicott; John Quigley, Syracuse; John E. Cole. Schenectady; George E. Becket, New York city; William H. Frank, Jr., Poughkeepsie; Chris W. Noll, Poughkeepsie; John H. Espey, Elmira.

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