State Law Conflicts Affect Mutual Aid

State Law Conflicts Affect Mutual Aid

Some Rensselaer County, N. Y. fire companies seeking to send apparatus out of New York State in answer to fire calls and to obtain repairs are finding it difficult to do so because of conflicts in the laws of neighboring states. Fire apparatus are not considered moter vehicles by New York laws and as a result do not require license plates be displayed.

In one case, the Petersburg Fire Department wished to send a pumper into Massachusetts for repairs. The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles ruled it could not be done without that State’s repair plates.

In other instances difficulties have been reported when responding to fire calls for mutual aid purposes. The conflict is also reported for the States of Vermont, Connecticut and New Jersey, all bordering on New York.

Acting director Ceorge H. Proper, Jr., New York State Division of Fire Safety has reported that negotiations are presently under way between his office, and the various motor vehicles offices of the states concerned in an effort to resolve the problem.

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