States Cooperate in President’s Program

States Cooperate in President’s Program

Twenty States have held or definitely scheduled State-wide fire prevention conferences since the Washington conference called by President Truman last May. Major General Philip B. Fleming, Federal Works Administrator and General Chairman of the President’s Conference on Fire Prevention, released the reports assembled at the meeting of the Continuing Committee of the Conference held here early in March of this year.

W. E. Reynolds, Commissioner of the Public Buildings Administration, Federal Works Agency, Chairman of the Continuing Committee, reported to General Fleming that the following States have held or set dates for State-wide conferences :

Kentucky, Minnesota, Ohio, Kansas, Texas, New Hampshire, West Virginia, Massachusetts, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maine, Florida, Maryland, Colorado, Illinois, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Tennessee and Oregon.

A. Bruce Bielaski, assistant general manager of the National Board of Fire Underwriters and executive director of the conference, reported that committees have been set up and preliminary plans for State conferences are under way in Alabama, California, Delaware, Georgia, Iowa, Louisiana, New York. Oklahoma, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Washington.

“Fire prevention is essentially a local job,” General Fleming said in releasing the report. “The organization of an effective State-wide conference patterned after the Washington meeting of last May entails considerable work and I am gratified that twenty States have already taken this first step toward following the program developed at the conference called by President Truman here. Of course, the holding of these conferences is only the first step in the continuing program which must be carried out at the community level.

“Reports are being received daily on the appointment of committees to make plans for additional State conferences. I am sure that the Governors of the fourteen States from which no activity has yet been reported will soon take the necessary steps to get the program under way in their States.”

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