States Sign Pact

States Sign Pact

Leo J. Mulcahy, Civil Defense director for the State of Connecticut, has announced the signing of an interstate fire compact between Connecticut and New York. The compact calls for mutual fire assistance between the two states when necessary.

Mr. Mulcahy said a similiar compact with Rhode Island is “pending.” Another already has been signed with Massachusetts.

“Such assistance, if and when necessary, shall be dispatched,” Director Mulcahy asserted, “consistent with the maintenance of fire protection within the state.”

Major points of the compact are:

Requests for aid shall be sent from one state CD director to the other.

The assisting state shall notify the requesting state of the amount of aid dispatched and time of departure.

Each piece of equipment shall be manned with six to eight men and an officer. It shall proceed to one of three check points at Millerton, N. Y., Danbury or Greenwich, Conn.

On arrival at the emergency area all assistance shall be placed under the command of the fire officer in charge.

The requesting state is responsible for the housing and feeding of assisting personnel.

Director Mulcahy said such compacts are necessary in order to expedite the greatest amount of assistance to a stricken area in any emergency. He praised New York State Civil Defense officials for their cooperation. The compact was signed for New York by General C. R. Huebner.

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