Steamer Presented to Museum

Steamer Presented to Museum

Added to the collection of exhibits at the famous Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D. C., has now been placed one of the old time steamers that were drawn by the noted “three-horse hitch.” The steamer was presented to the museum by the American-LaFrance and Foamite Corporation as a reminder of what is considered as the romantic period in fire department history.

The steamer began its eventful career in the summer of 1906, when it was built at the Seneca Falls, N. Y., plant of the American Fire Engine Company, a forerunnr of the present organization. The steamer was designed to pump 500 gallons a minute, and test records before the unit was delivered to Alexandria, Va., show that it developed 140 pounds steam pressure and 220 pounds water pressure.

After serving Alexandria for many years, it was replaced by a motor pumper. The steamer is now housed under the same roof that protects the famous Col. Lindbergh’s “Spirit of St. Louis,” and other examples of automotive design.

Steamer Presented to Smithsonian Institute, Washington, D. C.
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