Still Time to Enter NFPA Fire Prevention Contest

Still Time to Enter NFPA Fire Prevention Contest

More than 1,800 cities, industrial firms, military units and government agencies are expected to participate in the National Fire Protection Association’s 1965 Fire Prevention Contest.

The contest, an international competition to provide recognition for excellence in the field of fire safety education and performance, is in its 39th year.

The fire prevention programs to be described in the entries are now in action in hundreds of cities and industrial plants throughout the United States and Canada, as well as at military and government installations.

Municipal entries are classified and judged according to the size of the community. The only prerequisite to entry is a fire prevention program which often is a joint project of the local fire department and a community organization like the Chamber of Commerce.

The contest closes November 30, which means there is still adequate time to carry out a program of activities and to prepare an entry. Entry forms are available from the NFPA at 60 Batterymarch Street, Boston, Mass. 02110. There are separate forms for municipal, industrial, government and military entries.

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