Stockley and Company’s Sales.

Stockley and Company’s Sales.

R. W . Stockley and Company, of 810 Walnut street, Philadelphia, has had a very successful season in the sale of firemen’s equipment: Among the many orders billed of late were the following:

Reliance Fire Co. No. 2 of Ocean City, N. J Rescue Hose Co., of Bellevue, Ia.; Charlottesville fire department of Charlottesville, Va.; Pros pect Hill Hose Co., of Highland Falls. N. Y. fire department of York, Xeb.: Enterprise Hos Co. No. of West New York, X. J.. and mail’ others. This summer while on a little trip. Mr Stockley was guest of Commander Perley am Chief Williams, of Charlottesville. Va., at the irginia State Firemen’s Convention, held a Hampton, Va.. on August 25. 26, 27. At thi convention the firm sold uniforms to five com patties that were in the parade, which speak: pretty well for the firm.

1 he action of the Allen fire company. Allen town. Pa., is disposing of its horses and disband mg. because council refused to appropriate mone tor expenses, is likely to lead to the formation o a paid department. Fire Chief Cohn has sub mitted an estimate showing that it would cnabh an annua! expenditure of $95,058.

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