Stone Crushing Plant Destroyed in Dundas

Stone Crushing Plant Destroyed in Dundas

The plant of the Canada Crushed Stone Company, situated outside of the limits of the town of Dundas, Ont., Can., high on the mountainside, caught fire early in May and the crusher building was completely destroyed. This is situated some three hundred feet above the town. The fire started in the stone bins about 100 feet from the crusher, the bins being composed of reenforced concrete and Norway pine, faced with creosote, which rendered the wood very inflammable. The building being about 100 feet above the level of the town’s reservoir, the fire department was unable to render any assistance. The plant was equipped with about twenty 3-gallon extinguishers, but the fire made such rapid progress that the employees could not get near enough to do any good.

From the stone bins the fire spread to the extinguisher building, which was 75 feet high, composed of wood, with corrugated steel on the roof and sides, in dimensions about 80 x 130 feet. It was said that the fire originated from the carelessness of a workman burning away the end of a shaft with a gas torch.

The fire started at 4:25 p. m. and burned itself out by 7 p. m. The loss was estimated at from $100,000 to $150,000, the steel screens and motors in the building being a complete loss. The capacity of the bins was about twenty cars of crushed stone. A new building of concrete and steel, with no wood in it, it is said, will be erected to replace the burned structure.

Fire in Canada Crushed Stone Company’s Plant, Dundas, Ont. Left, View of Fire During Progress Taken from the South.Same After Extinguishment of Fire Showing Ruins of Plant.View from North After Fire, Showing Ruins

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