Stream Relayed Through Long Line

Stream Relayed Through Long Line

A fire which was fought in a home near Greenville, R. I., is of interest to the firemen because of the long lines laid to the fire and the use of three pumpers to relay the fire stream.

The Greenville company made a run of 1.2 miles and together with the hose carried by the ladder company, laid 1650 feet of hose. The Georgiaville company traveled seven miles to the scene of the fire, laid their hose and connected to the line, 1,850 feet from the first pumper. The Johnston hose company made a run of 5.6 miles and laid a line of 2,000 feet of hose.

The following figures taken when the relay was working at its best enables one to get an idea of the method of relaying fire streams. The Johnston apparatus sent the stream out at 280 pounds engine pressure, operating at a 5-inch vacuum; the Georgiaville company received the water at 22 pounds and relayed it to the next apparatus at 205 pounds; the Greenville pumper received the stream at 8 pounds and boosted the pressure up to 165 pounds, giving a nozzle pressure of 99 pounds and delivering 226 gallons of water a minute.

The firemen of the Woonasquatucket Valley have formed a firemen’s league, and the fact that the proper cooperation is secured is in evidence by the manner in which the fire companies worked for a common goal.

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