Student Brigade Promotes Fire Safety at Norwich U.

Student Brigade Promotes Fire Safety at Norwich U.

Congratulations are offered by Chief James Demasi, right, of Northfield, Vt., to ROTC Cadet Eugene Cable, center, chief of Norwich University's fire brigade, and another student after a weekly fire training session.

Students at Norwich University in Northfield, Vt., have their own fire brigade which not only provides fire protection for the university, but also assists the Northfield Fire Department.

Founded a year ago, the Norwich University Fire Brigade is composed of cadets in the Army Reserve Officers Training Corps unit at the university. Cadet Eugene Cable is chief of the 20-cadet fire brigade. The studentvolunteer firemen have their own pumper and a utility vehicle.

When the town fire department gets an alarm, the dispatcher calls the guard house at the university. The alarm is then put over the university’s radio station and a campus siren. The cadet volunteers then go to the campus fire station to respond with their equipment.

Praised by town chief

During the past year, the brigade has assisted in saving a warehouse and two homes in Northfield, and Chief James Demasi of the Northfield Fire Department has praised the ROTC cadets for their “professional attitude and knowledge of fire fighting techniques.”

The Norwich University Fire Brigade promotes campus fire safety, makes fire inspections in university buildings, provides emergency aid and fire protection off-campus and in general improves relations between Norwich University and the surrounding community. The university superintendent of buildings and grounds has praised the brigade for the thoroughness with which the members make their weekly inspections of campus buildings.

Training session held

Most brigade members have had some previous fire fighting experience. The more experienced cadets conduct an extensive training program Saturday mornings on campus to help the other brigade members become more proficient. These classes and training fires, which are supervised by town fire department officers, cover the gamut of pertinent subjects, from the chemistry of fire to the care and use of fire fighting apparatus.

Cable sums up the philosophy of the brigade he heads when he says, “We feel we’re making a valuable contribution to fire safety on and off campus and we’re proud to be a part of this kind of public service effort.”

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