Subways in Brooklyn.

Subways in Brooklyn.

The Board of Electrical Subway Commissioners in Brooklyn has made the following report to Mayor Chapin :

“ The total mileage of conductors now underground in the city (apart from city wires) is 3007 miles; on the elevated railways (apart from electric light wires), 768 miles. The aggregate thus far removed from housetops and poles is larger than the total of aerial telegraph and telephone wires existing in the city in 1885. The total number of poles removed this year, not including those removed by the electric light companies, from which no report has been received, is 445. The telephone wires have been removed from 271 poles, which are still standing, because they carry city wires. The total number of poles, says the report, which would have been removed by this time if the necessary co-operation of the city had not been delayed, is 667.”

The board makes these suggestions :

  1. Since the space under the streets is limited, the city ought not to surrender it beyond recovery, on reasonable terms, to any private company.
  2. The placing of telegraph and telephone wires underground may be continued without fear of interfering with the future comprehensive system.
  3. It is of the highest importance that the city itself should take the lead in this matter by putting its police and fire telegraph lines underground.
  4. Either the executive authority controlling the electrical conductors should also make contracts for street lighting, or the department making such contracts should act in harmony with it and according to its advice.

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