Success Attributed to Quick Response

Success Attributed to Quick Response

The Cape Charles, Va., Fire Company 1, under Chief C. R. Adkins, claims that much of their success in extinguishing fire lies in the fact that their response to alarms is rapid enough to prevent the fire getting much of a head start. A number of the members of the company live within a block of headquarters and answer all alarms promptly. The company is entirely volunteer with no one on duty at headquarters at any time.

Extent of the Farm House Fire Damage

Early in February, an alarm was received about 12:30 a. m. and within two minutes, one combination pumper with a booster was dispatched, closely followed by a 500-gallon tank truck with a 250-gallon pump. The fire involved a farm house located ten or eleven miles from Cape Charles.

Evidence showed that the bouse bad been broken into and then a fire built under the edge of the house, using stove wood and kerosene. The extent of the fire was limited to the floor of the kitchen and up through the wall to the roof. This is just one of a good number of rural homes that have been saved by rapid responses.

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