Sudeith Chief of St. Paul

Sudeith Chief of St. Paul

William J. Sudeith has been appointed Chief of Fire Department, St. Paul, Minn., to fill the vacancy caused by the death of the late Chief Owen C. Dunn. Chief Sudeith is forty-seven years old and joined the department on August 12, 1909.

He was promoted to Lieutenant on April 13, 1915; Captain, June 1, 1921; Assistant Chief, July 24, 1930; reinstated as Captain, June 11, 1932; appointed Chief, June 5.

In 1921 he completed a course in fire-fighting, rescue work, etc., at Cincinnati. He also attended and graduated from two schools under the supervision of Leon Wolf at St. Paul and one in Rochester Minn.

In commenting on the appointment, the editorial writer of the Sit. Paul Daily News said;

“He has the respect of his colleagues, most of whom felt that his advancement would have come several years ago except for the interference of politicians.”

Chief W. J. Sudeith

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