Sues Water Works for Injuries

Sues Water Works for Injuries

Suit in the sum of $10,000 has been entered against the Manchester, N. H., water works by Maria Tracey. The plaintiff alleges that because of a depression in the side-walk in front of 1051 Elm street, caused, as she claims, by the improper filling of a trench dug for the purpose of laying water pipes for a sprinkler service in the block, on April 15, 1918, she fell, injuring her ankles, legs, back and head. She declares she has suffered and still suffers from the effects of the injuries and has been deprived of her former capacity to earn money and perform her household duties.

January 8— NEW “ENGLAND WATER WORKS ASSOCIATION. Annual meeting, Hotel Brunswick. Copley Square, Boston, Mass. Secretary Willard Kent. Narragansett Pier, R. I.

January 13—AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CONSULTING ENGINEERS. Annual meeting, New York City. Deputy Secretary B. EtchcHc, 35 Nassau Street, New York City.

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