Suffolk County Firemen Content.

Suffolk County Firemen Content.

Rain had a restraining effect upon the anticipated success of the 20th annual tournament of the Suffolk County, N. Y., Volunteer Firemen’s Association, held at Amityville, L. I., on August 30. A conservative estimate places the number of visitors at less than 5,000, of whom 2,000 were visiting firemen. The village had made preparations to entertain over 20,000 people. As the procession, which extended at least a mile and a half passed over the soggy ground, the streets became even more muddy, and those who marched in the rear of the column were walking in mud almost up to their ankles. But rot a hit cared they. Naturally, those companies which were attired in white duck trousers fared by far the worse. The various Juvenile Hook and Ladder companies wore “ice cream pants,” but the lads appeared to take genuine boyish pleasure in becoming bespattered with the mud. At 1 : to promptly on time the contests started on the course on Ketcham’s avenue. The grandstands, built to accommodate over 2,200 visitors, were occupied by four or five hundred people. The track was muddy, of course, and many a contestant slipped, but the firemen didn’t mind rain or mud, and the crowd encouraged them. Despite all handicaps, two records were broken. The Agawam Engine Hose Company threw water with their hand engine three feet further than has ever been thrown in a Suffolk County tournament before. The Liberty Hose Company of Lindenhurst, with its chemical engine, lowered the record for the chemical engine contests by two-fifths of a second.

The principal event of the day was the department contest, the special trophy of which is the big Eagle Cup. The contestants were each required to start with their hook and ladder truck and hose cart from a distance of 300 feet from the judges stand. A ladder was placed against the stand, the hose run to the top of the ladder and water poured from the hose into a barrel at the top of the stand. The contest was indeed a most exciting one. Many of the contestants had spent considerable thought upon getting quick starts and finishes. West Sayville Hook and Ladder Company and the Quogue Hook and Ladder Company tied for first place, each doing the trick in the almost increditably short time (considering the track) of 44.4 seconds. The tie was run off. West Sayville had a slight delay between the time when the ladder was placed in position and the time the water came, and made the time of 1 minute 9 seconds. They secured second place. Quogue filled the barrel in 17 seconds on the second trial and won the Eagle Cup, for a year, and the first prize, a silver trumpet, awarded by Commodore Fred B. Dalzell. It will be necessary for a company to win the Eagle Cup three times in succession before it becomes the property of that company. The second prize is a silver cup presented by J. D. Fairchilds. The third prize is a set of two lanterns presented by the Amityville Record. This was won by the Union Hook and Ladder Company of Lindenhurst,, whose time was 50.6 seconds. Fourth place came to Protection Hook and Ladder Company, of Huntington, whose time was 50.8 seconds. The Protection Hose Company of Islip was sixth, the time being ,51 seconds. Bayport. with a time of 55 seconds, finished last. Next in point of interest. was hook and ladder contest No. 1. This was a dry ladder contest, the contestants being re qnired to draw the truck 300 feet and to raise a ladder against the structure, time being taken from time of starting running until a fireman had reached the topmost round. The West Sayville Hook and Ladder Company, with the time of 23 2 seconds, secured the Theodore Roosevelt Cup The second prize, which is a cup presented by Rescue Hook and Ladder Company No, 1. of Athens, N. Y., was won by Phoenix Hook and Ladder Company, of Sag Harbor. Their time was 25.3 seconds With the time of 25.8 seconds, the Islip Hook and Ladder Company secured third prize, a silver water pitcher, presented by John N. Silsbee Fourth prize, a nickel spreader, presented by William H. Conboy, went to Hook and Ladder Company No. 1, of Southampton, the time of the company being 26.2 seconds. The other contestants were: Protection Hook and Ladder Company, of Huntington, 27.2 seconds; Hook and Ladder Company No. 1. of Lindenhurst, 28.2: Hook and Ladder Company No. 1, of East Islip, 28.6 seconds; Hook and Ladder Company No. 1. of West Patchogue, 28.6 seconds; Hook and Ladder Company No. 1, of Patchogue, 30 seconds; Hook and Ladder Company No. 1, of Bridgehampton, no time taken. The other events follow :

Juvenile Hook and Ladder Contest—Won by Patchogue in 18.2 seconds; Sag Harbor, second, 18.4 seconds.

Hose Contest No. 1—Won by Protection Hose Company, Huntington, in 21.60 seconds; Murray Hill Hose Company, Sag Harbor, second, 22 seconds..

Hook and Ladder Contest No. 2—Won byHook and Ladder No. 1. West Sayville, in 1 : 02:02; Hook and Ladder No. 1, Bayport, second, 1 :04.

Hose Contest No. 2—W on by Protection Hose Company No. 1. Huntington, 1:06:06; Argyle Hose Company, Babylon, second, 1 ; 12:0.3.

Chemical Engine Contest—First, Liberty Hose Company, Lindenhurst, 4.6 seconds; second, Chemical Engine Company, East Manor. 5.4 seconds.

Hand Engine Contest—First, Agawam Engine Hose Company, Southampton, 182 feet threequarter-inch ; second, Breslau Engine Company, Lindenhurst, 145 feet.

Steam Engine Contest—First, Breslau Engine Company, Lindenhurst, 187 feet 10 inches; second. Protection Engine Company, Huntington, ISO feet 4½ inches.

Special Hand-Engine Contest—First, Lindenhurst, 36 seconds.

Individual Ladder Scaling Contest—First, S. Saxton, Islip, 6.8 seconds; second. G. Lewesy, Huntington, 6.8 seconds (disqualified in last heat); third, Locker. West Sayville. 0.8 seconds; fourth, Zegle, West Sayville. 7.2 seconds; fifth, Bollinger, Islip, 8 seconds.

Although Liberty Hose Company broke an association record in the chemical engine contest, lowering the record by two-fifths of a second, the company will not receive the prize offered by George L. Thompson for the company breaking the record. The prize will go to the Agawam engine hose company, which, in the hand engine contest, smashed the only other record broken. The stream of water from their engine went 3 feet further than in the best efforts of previous years. The judges decided that the band engine record suffered the most and awarded the prize accordingly. Liberty Hose Company has been received into the association, after having withdrawn some years ago when a protest was not satisfied to the company’s liking, and this is the first tournament the company lias attended since the reinstatement. The special award of the best appearing Suffolk county fireman in the parade, a silver shaving set, presented by Samuel L’Hommedieu, went to Henry Blake, of Quogue. The special awards for the best appearing companies from Nassau County were won as follows: First prize, silver cup, presented by Jacob Ockers, won by Seaford fire department; second prize, silver cup, presented by Carll S. Burr, won by Farmingdale fire department; third prize, vacuum bottles, presented by C. M. Kreise.r, won by Massepequa fire department. The silver loving cup offered the company having the greatest number of men in line was won by the Sayville department. The prize offered by President W. K. Post to the company making the best showing in the contests, of those companies which have never won a first prize, went to the East Islip hook and ladder company, which secured third place in the hook and ladder contest No. 2. The Islip Hook and Ladder Company also secured the prize offered by E. L. Smith to the Suffolk county company presenting the best appearance in line. The prizes were presented to representatives of the successful companies by Commodore Fred B. Dalzell. chairman of the prize committee. The judges were E. R. Albertson, of Riverhead: W. H. Harris, of Brooklyn; W. H. Aldrich, of Patchogue; R. F. Mills, of Greenport; Justice Walter Jaycox. of Patchogue; Justice Jacob Brenner, of Brooklyn, and Royland Mayland. of Freeport.

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