Surcharge Allowed the Hackensack Water Company

Surcharge Allowed the Hackensack Water Company

Finding that the revenues now being received by the Hackensack Water Company are insufficient, the Public Utility Commission of New Jersey has agreed to permit the company to impose a uniform surcharge of 17.5 per cent to all schedules or rates approved by the board in 1917.

This extra charge is effective for the quarters ending September 30, 1918. The Utility Board holds to the schedule it ordered for the company, after an exhaustive rate-making adjustment for the company in 1917. The company asked for a horizontal increase of not less than 20 per cent., to take effect as of April 1.

The board will retain jurisdiction of the emergency surcharge of 17.5 per cent for the purpose of modifying or abrogating it should conditions warrant such action.

This decision of the Public Utility Board will affect several hundred municipalities, among which are Ridgefield Park, Bogota and West Englewood, the district served by the Water Company’s new office recently opened in Ridgefield Park.

The company submitted to the board figures to show that its operating expenses for 1918 increased by $247,983, and taxes were jumped to the increase of $170,245, making a total operating item of $788,682 for 1918 as against $370,454 in 1914.

The company claimed a deficit of $281,926 for 1918, or 19.97 per cent decrease. The Utility Board found that its experts placed the operating deficit at $261,227, or a deficit of 18.50 per cent. In concluding to allow the 17.50 per cent extra charge the board found that the company was including an item of $25,000 for legal and experts’ fees for the rate making investigation.

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