Sustaining Members Aid I.A.F.C.

Sustaining Members Aid I.A.F.C.

The Headquarters staff is to be augmented this month, and with the cooperation of the Federal Board for Vocational Education, the educational program will be initiated with vigor. The scope of activities will be determined largely by available revenue. As it is the desire of the Association to extend to every state in the Union, the benefits of organized Fire Department training, additional funds beyond these already on hand will be needed.

The foremost problem faced by the International Association of Fire Chiefs in carrying out its nation-wide educational program in the fire service is that of financing.

At the Directors’ Meeting of the International Association of Fire Chiefs, held in New York, a plan offered by President Vincent C. Stanley of the Gamewell Company to establish sustaining memberships, at $250 per year, in the Association was approved. Mr. Stanley offered the facilities of his organization in promoting this type of membership, and offered to secure ten such memberships.

Three such memberships have already been received.

They are: Gamewell Fire Alarm Telegraph Company, Newton Upper Falls, Massachusetts; Seagrave Company, Columbus, Ohio; the American District Telegraph Company, New York City. Two other companies have also indicated their interest in the plan.

In securing the first ten members, Mr. Stanley is working in conjunction with Chief Daniel B. Tierney, President of the International Association of F’ire Chiefs. With the campaign but a couple of weeks old, it appears that the Association’s goal will be readily attained.

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