Synthetic Leather Coats Hazardous

Synthetic Leather Coats Hazardous

A new fire hazard has been brought to the fore with the present style of leather coats and garments for children. The genuine leather coats are not hazardous—but to meet the demand for a cheaper coat, a synthetic leather has been produced.

A seven-year-old boy was wearing one of these coats while playing near a bonfire. Sparks flying ignited the coat and the boy was so badly burned that he died. His father complained to the state fire marshal who ordered the store which sold the coat to discontinue sales. The manufacturer was notified to stop sending such garments into the state. The father brought action against the store to recover $25,000 damages.

Pyote, Tex., Orders Pumper—A 500-gallon pumper has been delivered to Pyote, Tex. The apparatus was purchased for $6,750.

New Fire House for Yonkers, N. Y.—Purchase of a site has been authorized in Yonkers, N. Y., on which to erect a combination fire and police station.

Two Thousand Families in London Evacuate Their Homes Fire that broke out in the southeast section of London, England, endangered the safety of two thousand families. Police rushed about in taxicabs warning the people of the danger. Thirty-two engine companies manned by two hundred firemen fought the flames for more than two hours. Doctors and nurses from St. Thomas’s hospital, were in attendance. The wall against which the two firemen are leaning, swayed visibly the whole time.

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