Syracuse Fights 3-Alarm Blaze

Syracuse Fights 3-Alarm Blaze

Firemen of Syracuse, N. Y., with Chief Gieselman directing, had a four-hour fight to extinguish a three-alarm fire which demolished a warehouse for waste material and destroyed some stock in an adjoining fur company. The origin of the fire is doubtful.

Despite a fire wall which separated the two buildings, flames reached the top floor of the adjoining structure and damaged hundreds of pelts. The first alarm came at 3:30 a.m., by telephone and a box alarm was pulled shortly after.

The fire was going strong when the first company arrived. Although the cold was intense, no fireman was hurt. Many suffered from the cold.

Fire Marshal Wilkes said that he had requested owners of the building to raze it, as it was a serious fire hazard. Holes in the floor through which bundles of waste could be dropped, helped the fire to spread with great rapidity.

Floodlights Help Illuminate Fire Grounds of Warehouse Blaze

Photo, Courtesy of Syracuse Herald

Streams from a Water Tower Help to Fight 3-Alarm Fire

Photo, Courtesy of Syracuse Journal

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