Syracuse Furthers Training Facilities

Syracuse Furthers Training Facilities

Signalized by simple exercises presided over by Mayor Frank J. Costello and Fire Chief William J. Connelly of the Syracuse Fire Department, a new and complete Training Tower was officially dedicated in that city in August.

The Tower, situated in State Fair Boulevard, between West Genesee street and Hiawatha Boulevard, was erected at a cost of $120,000 and is part of a plant, occupying a plot 300 x 300 feet, comprising a smoke chamber, water cistern with a capacity of 20,000 gallons for drafting—and three hydrants (two h.p. and one 1.p.). Ultimately it is planned to erect a building on the grounds which will house both the Fire School and the Hose staff, as well as the department’s Maintenance Division. While the Fire School will be located on the Training Tower Grounds, the Fire College will be housed at Fire Headquarters, Engine House No. 12, which is being re-activated as a fire station. The building has been used for the past few years as an annex to the H. W. Smith Technical and Industrial High School.

The new plant in State Fair Boulevard is the first tower and training school, as such, that the fire department has enjoyed since the ancient drill tower was condemned and razed with old Engine House No. 3 on Wyoming street. In the interim, Eire School activities have been carried on in the quarters of Engine Company No. 21, in Onondaga Park.

The Tower is of steel, concrete and brick construction, 30 x 30 feet, five stories in height. Its facilities include a fire-escape, automatic sprinkler and standpipe hose connections, ami it is so built that real fires can be started in the basement, third floor and top floor.

The inaugural day program featured nea.rly all the regular training evolutions carried out by members of Syracuse Eire Department under the direction of Fire School Director James H. Mullaley, Acting Assistant Director Herbert A. Chappel and Lieut. Vernon W. Ackley. Pumper operation instructor.

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