System in Care of Fire Apparatus

System in Care of Fire Apparatus

The proper care and maintenance of the apparatus of the fire department must of necessity be based upon careful and periodic inspection to see that all of the working parts are in perfect order. Forms should be provided so that those responsible for the apparatus’ upkeep can render a report to the chief at stated intervals, showing that the engines inspected are in good condition or setting forth in detail what parts need repairs or attention. This form should be filed with the chief at stated intervals, so that any defects in the apparatus or needed repairs can be at once attended to by the fire department repair shop or mechanic.

Systematic records of the condition of the apparatus is of the greatest importance, as where such matters are left to the discretion of members of the fire department, such individuals are apt to procrastinate and let the needed repairs slide until a later day, with consequent lack of efficiency and the danger of the apparatus giving out at the most crucial moment. Whereas if reports are filed systematically all such conditions are bound to be remedied promptly as soon as discovered.

Some suggestions as to the form of such a report are contained in the article on page 401, which embraces a very complete and comprehensive blank for rendering such a report, and a description of the system as adopted in the fire department of a medium-sized city. In that article the live young chief describes his method of insuring proper inspection of his fire apparatus, and no doubt some good suggestions can be obtained by other beads of fire-fighting forces in the study of this form for such inspection.


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