T. Alfred Fleming on Program

T. Alfred Fleming on Program

In discussing “Chemical Fire Hazards in Industry,” T. Alfred Fleming, Chief of Conservation, National Board of Fire Underwriters, reviewed some recent developments in industry which brought about severe fire and life hazards due to new chemicals and processes employed. Mr. Fleming made recommendations for combatting these hazards.

Following Mr. Fleming’s paper, Fred Shepperd, Editor of FIRE ENGINEERING. reviewed the subject of simplified hydraulics as applied to fire departments,

The morning session of the second day was also taken up with routine business and two interesting papers. The first, “National Defense through Fire Defense,” was presented by John Ashmead, General Manager, Phoenix Insurance Company of Hartford, Conn. The second, on “Fire Setting by Incendiary Bombs, and their extinguishment,” was presented by J. E. Tiffany. Explosives Testing Engineer, Explosive Division of the U. S. Bureau of Mines, Washington, D. C.

The afternoon of the second day was devoted to exhibits and demonstrations of apparatus.

The final session, held on Wednesday. May 21, included two interesting papers. The first by Chief Paul F. Heinz, New Haven, Conn., discussed the subject of “Arson.” The second paper was by Captain Edward F. Curren, Fire Marshal’s Office of the Fire Department of New Haven, Conn., and in it be discussed “Fire Department Education Concerning Fire Prevention.”

Osbourne G. Smith, Former Chief of Larchmont, N. Y., was elected President for the coming year, and Rochester. N. Y., was selected as next year’s convention city.

The entertainment provided by Commissioner Sullivan proved highly successful. The bingo party and dance, the get-to-gether banquet and sightseeing trips were all highly popular.

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