Taking the Consumers Into Your Confidence

Taking the Consumers Into Your Confidence

It is becoming the custom more and more for the water works to take the consumer into its confidence. This is particularly evidenced in the case of the private company operating the water plant, but is by no means confined to that type of utility. In fact, of late, the municipal department has borrowed a leaf from the companies’ books and has also adopted, in some cases, the policy of publicity.

That this plan, in practically every instance, works for the advantage and benefit of all has been amply proved. The more the consumer is made to feel that the water works is his especial concern and that he in a sense is responsible for its well being, the more interest will he take in promoting a friendly and cordial relationship with the management. A courteous and ready willingness to answer all questions and give all information requested on the part of the employees of utility will domuch toward promoting such friendly relations.

Another important help to pleasant feelings toward the water works is a readiness to listen patiently tocomplaints and the showing of a conscientious effort toremedy the matters complained of, even though the official recognizes that the claim of the consumer is an unreasonable one or one based on misinformation. A little patience and diplomacy will often iron out such rough places and set the consumer right, to the advantage of all concerned.


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