Talking Picture to Show Salvage Work

Talking Picture to Show Salvage Work

Indicating another important field in which the talking picture will have a far-reaching effect, Metropolitan Sound Studios of Hollywood are producing a two reel, all-talking picture for the International Association of Fire Chiefs. The production is sponsored by the National Board of Underwriters. The picture, when completed, will be made available to show modern methods of salvage for the instruction of fire department men and other interested organizations, throughout the world.

The production is being supervised by Ralph J. Scott, Chief of the Los Angeles Fire Department and President of the I. A. F. C. The production, it is expected, will be only the first in a complete series of talking pictures illustrating different branches of fire department and safety methods. Under the plan of production, various organizations interested in fire prevention, safety equipment, and affiliated industries, are sponsoring the making of the pictures by donating the funds for production.

The twenty minute picture on Salvage Methods which Metropolitan Sound Studios are now producing, will cover a large amount of material accompanied throughout by descriptive talk by authoritative speakers on this subject. It will show the equipment of a salvage company, methods of training firemen in salvage work, and the advantages to the public of these methods in preserving property at the time when fires occur.

Scenes are being made in different types of residences, warehouses and factories, showing how the salvage company of the fire department works in close conjunction with the men who do the actual fire fighting. It will also present, by contrast, a typical fire before salvage methods were put into effect and with the full operations by the salvage unit. Another interesting feature in the film will be the close cooperation of the salvage company with the fire prevention authorities in periodical inspections of prevention equipment and safety facilities in factories and other places.

The entire film will graphically show the tremendous saving to business of loss of time and employment by protecting machinery, merchandise, etc., from possible water and smoke damage.

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