Telephone on Aerial Ladder

Telephone on Aerial Ladder

Views of the Telephone Installation at Winnipeg, Showing the Telephone Unit Installed on the Truck Base, and Another Near the Top of the Ladder

A telephone unit, manufactured in England, has been installed on an American-LaFrance aerial ladder in service at Winnipeg, Man., by Chief Dan Boulden. It is believed that this is the first unit so equipped on the North American continent.

This equipment makes it possible for a man on top of the ladder to communicate what he sees of the progress of the fire to the ground crew, and to suggest to officers the method of operation.

As the ladder is drawn up or lowered, a drum automatically pays out or winds up the telephone cable. With the trend towards longer ladders, telephonic communication has become more important.

While the telephone unit has been in use in Europe for many years, this is the first time that it is being used here.

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