BELOW is given the tentative program for the Sixty-Ninth Annual Conference of the International Association of Fire Chiefs, to be held at Boston, Mass., August 19-22, 1941.

TUESDAY, AUGUST 19, 1941 Morning—Hotel Statler (Main Ballroom)

8-9.45 A.M.—Registration

10.00 A.M.—Conference called to order Invocation

Address of Welcome—Mayor Maurice J. Tobin, Chairman National Eire Defense Committee Response to Address of Welcome— Fire Marshal, Sherwood Brockwell, North Carolina

Address: William Arthur Reilly, Fire Commissioner, Boston, Samuel J. Pope, Chief of Department, Boston Announcements Memorial Service Benediction

12.30 P.M.—Adjournment for Lunch

Afternoon (Mechanics Building)

1.30 P.M.—Parade—Hotel Statler to Mechanics Building

President’s Message-—Chief W. H.

Palmer, Charlotte, N. C.

Adoption of Minutes of Preceding Meeting

Appointment of Committees Report of Secretary Report of Treasurer Report of Auditors Reading of Communications Reports of Sectional Organizations Reports of Standing Committees Topic No. 1—“Can Loss of Life in Places of Habitation be Reduced?” —Sherwood Brockwell, State Fire Marshal, North Carolina Topic No. 2—“Is the Architect Fire Conscious?”—T. Alfred Fleming. Chief of Conservation, National Board of Fire Underwriters, New York City

Topic No. 3—“Solving the Church Eire Problem.”—Chief N. A. Phelan. Pittsburgh, Pa.

Topic No. 4—”Fear Prevention.”— David Stroop, Secretary, American Petroleum Institute, New York, N. Y.

5.30 P.M.—Adjournment

Evening Program

8.00 P.M.—Boston Fire Department Defense Exhibition — M.I.T. Field. Cambridge

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 20, 1941 Morning (Mechanics Building)

10.00 A.M.—Topic No. 5—“Water Supplies to Combat the Incendiary Air Raid.”— Clinton Inglee, National Water Main Cleaning Company, New York, N. Y.

Topic No. 6—“Supplementary Automatic Alarm Systems in the Event of War.’”—Herbert A. Friede, Superintendent of Fire Alarms, Washington, D. C.

Topic No. 7—-‘‘War Emergency Preparations in Canada.”—W. J. Scott. Fire Marshal of Ontario Topic No. 8—-“Manufacturers Pell of their Products”

12.30 P.M.—Adjournment for Lunch

Afternoon (Mechanics Building)

2.00 P.M.—Topic No. 9—“National Defense Through Fire Defense.”—Col. Clarence R. Goldsmith, Advisory Fire Protection Engineer Conslr. Q.M. Div., War Dept.

Discussion:—“What is Your Department doing on Preparation for War Emergencies ?”

3.00 P.M.—Adjourn for transportation to Rowes Wharf

4.00 P.M.—Boat leaves Rowes Wharf for Pemberton, Mass.

Evening Program

Gamewell Night at Pemberton

10.10 P.M.—Return to Boston—Boats leave Pemberton

THURSDAY, AUGUST 21, 1941 Morning (Mechanics Building)

10.00 A.M.—-Topic No. 10—“Protecting the Industrial Plant against Fire

and Sabotage ” F. P. Coffey, Chief, Technical Laboratory, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Washington.

D. C.

Topic No. 11—“Opportunities for Cooperation between N.Y.A. and Fire Departments in National Defense.”—John L. Donovan, Director. National Youth Administration, Boston, Mass.

Discussion:—(a) Right of Fire Departments to Enter (1) Bonded Warehouses; (2) Military Reservations; (b) Salaries of Fire Chief compared with other municipal department heads

12.30 P.M.—Adjournment for Lunch

Afternoon (Mechanics Building)

2.00 P.M.—Topic No. 12 “Incendiary Bombs and their Control.”—Major H. R. Brayton, Chemical Warfare School, Fdgewood Arsenal, Mary land

4.00 P.M.—Demonstration-—Extinguishing Incendiary Bomb Fires Major Brayton

Evening Program—Hotel Statler

7.30 P.M.—City of Boston Banquet Chairman—Maurice J. Tobin, Mayor Toastmaster—Samuel J. Pope, Chief

of Department

Speakers: W. F. Mallalicu, General Manager, National Board of Fire Underwriters, Stephens Garrity, Fire Marshal. Massachusetts, Mayor F. H. LaGuardia, Chairman, Civilian Defense Activities of U.S.A.


10.00 A.M.—Unfinished Business Report of Secretary on attendance New Business

Selection of next year’s Convention City

Election of Officers Final Adjournment




Schedule of the 67th Yearly Gathering to be held at San Francisco, California on September 20 to 23

THE tentative program of the 67th annual conference of the International Association of Fire Chiefs, which is to be held at San Francisco on September 20 to 23, is given herewith. The headquarters are to be at the Empire Hotel, and the meetings and exhibits at the Municipal Auditorium.

Wednesday, September 20

Registration 8 a. m. to 9:45 a. m. Conference called to order at 10 a. m. at Municipal Opera House.

Invocation: Address of Welcome: Response to Address of Welcome: President’s Message, by Chief Roy E. Mottesheard, Dearborn, Mich.; Memorial Services; Announcements; Adjournment for lunch.

Afternoon (2 p. m.), at Municipal Auditorium.

Roll Call: Adoption of minutes of preceding meeting; Appointment of Committees; Report of Secretary : Report of Treasurer; Report of Board of Auditors; Reading of Communications; Reports of Sectional Organizations; Reports of Standing Committees.

Topic No. 1: The I. A. F. C. Educational Program. Chief Ralph J. Scott, Chairman, Educational Committee. (In this presentation Chief Scott will be assisted by members of the Committee and others.)

Thursday, September 21

Visit to the Golden Gate International Exposition.

Friday, September 22

Morning (9:30 a. m.) at Municipal Auditorium.

Topic No. 2: Welfare of the I. A. F. C. (General Discussion).

Topic No. 3: Revision of Constitution (General Discussion).

Afternoon (2:00 p. m.) at Municipal Auditorium.

Topic No. 4: “Prevention and Extinguishment of Fires in Petroleum Products,” by Max Enfinger and H. J. Wilson, Fire Protection Engineers, through courtesy of California Oil and Gas Association, Fire Protection Committee.

Topic No. 5: “It Can Happen Here,” by Roi B. Woolley, President, Westchester County (N. Y.) Fire Chiefs Emergency Plan.

Topic No. 6: “Assignment Systems and the Receipt and Transmission of Fire Alarms,” by Captain J. I. Tufts, Chief Fire Alarm Operator, Fresno, Cal. Round Tables:

  1. Winter performance of metal ladders.
  2. Should we have a Fire Prevention Day in the spring of the year?
  3. Fires involving gas storage (oxygen, hydrogen, acetylene, etc.).

Saturday, September 23

Morning (10 a. m.) at Municipal Auditorium.

Topic No. 7: “Hazards of Automobile Parking Around Apartment Houses,” by Chief Walter F. Israel, Detroit, Mich.

Topic No. 8: “Fighting Brush Fires in Southern California,” by Spence D. Turner, County Forester and Fire Warden, County of Los Angeles, Cal. Round Tables:

  1. Squad company work in the small department.
  2. Transportation of gasoline through streets.

Afternoon (2 p. m.) Municipal Auditorium.

Unfinished business: Report of Secretary on attendance; New business; Selection of next year’s Convention City; Election and Installation of Officers; Final adjournment.

All evenings are to be devoted to entertainment.