Terre Haute Department All Motorized

Terre Haute Department All Motorized

The annual report of Chief Carl Evinger, of Terre Haute, Ind., shows that the fire department has in service seven automobile combination chemical and hose engines, three automobile combination chemical hose and 750 gallon pumpers, one automobile 75 foot aerial truck, three automobile city service trucks, three automobile chief’s cars, one automobile for superintendent of fire alarm system, one automobile supply wagon, making a total of apparatus in service of 19, with 18,850 feet of first class hose two and one-half inches in diameter, and 600 feet of second class hose of the same dimension, and 2,150 feet of chemical hose. There are 84 men in the service, including the chief, assistant chief, superintendent of fire alarms and bis assistant mechanician, blacksmith, captains and firemen, who number 65. The fire department of Terre Haute owns a total of personal property and lots and improvements of $253,586.20. The fire payroll amounts to $96008 for the year; the repairs to buildings and care of grounds, $2,607, light $650, fuel $1,300, new equipment $4,379.50, repairs for equipment $1,000, supplies for equipment, including transfer $1,892.76. Chief Evinger reports from the sale of old engine, old hose and junk $523.25 was realized, along with the sale of old hose put to the credit of tires, $520.

The number of alarms responded to in 1918 were 518, 352 of which were still arams, 10 from the A. D. T., with two second alarms and 32 false alarms, every one of which cost the city an average of $50. Of these 518 fires there was a loss to property owners of $52,811.53, while the total value of the buildings involved $1,121,639; 71 were frame buildings, 65 brick or stone, six corrugated iron, with 95 fire calls other than buildings, and 22 false alarms. The city departments were called out of the city 30 times, while the automobiles were sent 19 times.

The chief reports that 664 inspections were made and 230 orders complied with, and goes on to state that it was impossible to give a record of inspection of the entire year, as no record had been kept prior to November 1st, when the system of inspection was changed.

Chief Evinger offers the following recommendations to increase the efficiency of the fire department: That owing to the fact that the city has outgrown the present fire alarm system, and the lack of room to enlarge same, the erection of a new fire-proof building for this apparatus, and the purchase of additional material for same; that there be purchased material to equip a machine shop for the department; that the ordinance prohibiting the obstruction of fire hydrants be enforced; and that the building ordinance be amended so as to regulate the use of wood shingles on new buildings.

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