The following is the result of a test of one first size engine built by the Nott Fire Engine company, of Minneapolis, Minn.: Diameter of boiler, thirty-six inches; diameter of steam cylinders, nine and onequarter inches; water cylinders, five and five-eighths inches; stroke, eight inches. The boiler generated fifty pounds of steam in four minutes; 140 pounds of steam in eight minutes.

TEST 1,—One line 150 ft. two and one-half-inch hose, one one and one-quarter-inch nozzle. Started engine at 10:30 a. m. The following pressures were noted: At 10:35 a. m., steam 136 pounds; water 275 pounds; revolutions 135.

TKHT 2.—Two linen of 150 ft. two and one-half-inch hose, two one and one-quarter-inch nozzles. At 10:40 a. m., steam, 140; water, 185; revolutions. 223; at 10:45 a. m.. steam, 145; water, 200, revolutions. 228; at 10:50 a. m., a team. 145; water, 195; revolutions, 225.

TEST 3.—Three lines of 100 ft. two and one-half-inch hose each, one and one-quarter-inch and two one and one-elghth-inch nozzle: At 11:15 a. m., steam, 125 pounds; water, 130 pounds; revolutions. 228.

TEST 4.—Three lines of 100 feet of two and one-hulfinch hose, siamesed to fifty feet of three and one-halfinch hone; one one and three-quarter-inch ring nozzle: At 11:30 a. m., steam. 145 pounds; water. 100 pounds: revolutions. 248; at 11:35 a. m., steam, 145 pounds; water, 105 pounds; revolutions, 250.

TEST 5.—Lines same as Test 4. one two-inch Ring nozzle: At 11:46 a. m., steam, 135 pounds; water, 140 pounds; revolutions, 270: at 11:60 a. m., steam, 140 pounds; water. 150 pounds; revolutions, 290.

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