Test Radio on Boston Fireboats

Test Radio on Boston Fireboats

A highly successful test was held recently of the new radio receiving and transmitting sets on the three fireboats at Boston, Mass. At the fire alarm office in headquarters on Bristol street a powerful set has been installed capable of both receiving and transmitting messages. The antenna runs from the fire alarm office up to the tall tower of the headquarters building. The fireboat Angus J. McDonald (Engine 44) made a special trip down the harbor from its station at the Northern Avenue bridge with Fire Commissioner Theodore A. Glynn, Acting Chief Daniel F. Sennott, Supt. of Fire Alarms George L. Fickett and other officials on board.

A thorough test was made of the practicability of receiving and sending messages and communication was established between the boat and headquarters by both radio telephone and radio telegraphic code. The officials stated that the test was a complete success and they were much elated at the results. It will now he possible for calls to be received for aid from vessels on fire at sea near this port and to dispatch a fireboat to aid them and at waterfront fires the officers on land can give orders through headquarters to be transmitted to the boats which can thus be sent to advantageous positions or wherever desired by the chief.

Boston Fireboat on Which Radio Test Was Made.Commissioner Glynn Sending First Radio Message from Fireboat to Fire Headquarters

The radio equipment was installed by the Radio Sales and Service Co., of Boston, at a cost to the city of $6,992. It is believed that Boston is one of the first cities in the country to put radio to practical use in the fire department for direction of the marine branch of the service.

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