The Twenty-second annual convention of the Texas Firemen’s Association took place in the Myar opera house, El Paso, President Carl E. Drake, of Austin, in the chair. It was very well attended, and the members were welcomed by Mayor Whitemore; the salutatory address being delivered by W. H. Burgess, who was followed by Judge P. F. Edwards.

The reports on topics were read as follows; (1) on the patent galvanized flue, which was considered perfectly safe with proper ventilation; (2) that since the law provides for investigation into all fires when a creditable person files a complaint, there is no need for any further legislation on the subject-only of the e forcement of the existing statutes; (3) it was recommended that all the members of the State Firemen’s Association be required to pay $5 into a special fund to be set aside for a firemen’s relief fund-refeired to a committee of five to report next year; (4) defective flues were strongly reported against, also metal flues, and a monthly inspection of all flues recom mended; (5) the chief of fire departments should be consulted by the city authorities when poles are to be set and wires strung by telephone, telegraph, and electric street railway companies; (6) (by the Lockhart department).that it was the duty of a chief to’possess all of those admirable qualities possessed by Chief Connor, of the El Paso department, who was held up by the report as a model to be followed by all other chiefs.

On the second day Chairman Abernathy, of McKinney (of the memorial committee), submitted an eloquent tribute to the memory of the deceased member of the association. In the afternoon the parade took place, the troops of the regular army from Fort Bliss heading the line under Col. Van Valjah ; the third division being composed of the El Paso fire department, headed by Chief O’Connor. After the parade there was a race between the El Paso and Fort Bliss hose teams, in which the former carried off the prize, a solid silver service given by Hon. Philip Clark. A banquet succeeded in the evening.

On the last day it was resolved that a new charter be sub. mitted to the next convention, as the existing charter would expire in 1899. Secretary Ellis, of Cleburne, reported $585 received on dues, and Treasurer Story, of Lockhart, a balance of $546 76.

The following officers were elected for the ensuing year : President, W. M. Norwood, Navasota; recording secretary, J. T. Ellis, of Cleburne; corresponding secretary, J. A. Harnett. of Waxahatchie; treasurer, J. L. Story, of Lockhart. Waco was chosen as the next place of meeting.

AmoDg the exhibitors of fire apparatus were Samuel Eastman & Co., of East Concord, N. H. (Chief Totten, of Sherman, representative), with samples of their Perfection nozzle and holder, and the Gutta Percha Manufacturing Com pany, of New York, represented by Mr. Philip C. Clark, who showed samples of the Maltese and Baker Fabric hose.

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