Texas State Fair Holds Pump Races

Texas State Fair Holds Pump Races

The second annual State Fair of Texas pumper hook-up races for volunteer Firemen were held Sunday, October 17, at 2:30 P.M. All volunteer departments who are members of the North Texas Firemen’s Association were eligible to participate, and teams from twelve widely scattered North Texas towns competed for the trophy and plaque offered by the State Fair as prizes. Teams entering are listed in order of competition: Irving, Leonard, Mesquite, Garland, Plano, Grand Prairie, McKinney, Cayrolton, Seagoville, Cochrell Hill, River Oaks, Cedar Hill. The teams from Seagoville, McKinney, and River Oaks had never competed in races of this type before.

In spite of a brisk north wind and the first cold spell of the season, very ood time was made by most teams, ‘he six-man team from Mesquite, Texas, made the hook-up in 22.1 seconds to win first place, with the team from McKinney, Texas, winning second prize with a time of 23.6 seconds. The state record for hook-up of this type is 17 seconds.

After all competing teams had raced, a volunteer team made up of six men from different departments (men who had never worked or practiced together) made the same hook-up in a race against time, for the benefit of the several hundred spectators. It was interesting to note that this team made the third best time of the day, 24 seconds.

With interest in these races increasing rapidly during the last two years, plans are being made to open the competition to any and all volunteer departments in the State of Texas during the State Fair of 1949 with races to be

Fire Chief C. N. Penn of Dellas (in Hat) Presenting First Place Trophy to Chief Cockroll of Mesquite (White Cap) While His Team Looks OnAt Nozzle End of Hook-Up During One of Twelve Races

held on Fireman’s Day at the Fair.— CHIEF C. N. PENN, Dallas, Tex., F. D.

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