Textile Manufacturers Aid IAFC in Poster Campaign

Textile Manufacturers Aid IAFC in Poster Campaign

Textile manufacturers have joined with the International Association of Fire Chiefs in a national public service poster campaign to emphasize the importance of carelessness as the underlying cause of most so-called clothing fires.

The poster, for placement in elementary schools, was produced by the American Textile Manufacturers Institute and is being distributed locally by municipal fire departments as part of continuing fire safety campaigns in cities across the country.

Don Adams, bungling super-spy of NBG-TV’s “Get Smart” series, contributed his photo and the show’s title to the poster which highlights acts of carelessness that lead to disaster.

The poster warns:

  1. Don’t leave small children unattended.
  2. Keep a safe distance from space heaters and open fireplaces.
  3. Don’t wear loose-fitting, floppy clothing when cooking.
  4. Don’t use kerosene or other dangerously flammable liquids to start a barbecue fire.
  5. Never play with matches.
  6. If clothing does catch fire, don’t run. Lie down and roll over and over to smother the flames.

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