That’s What They All Say!

That’s What They All Say!

OUR morning mail brings us constant evidence of the phenomenal popularity of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING among its readers. It is significant. too, that we hear with equal frequency from both the fire and the water departments,—proof that these two essential services are more and more coming to realize their mutual relationship and helping one another to solve their common problems.

A recent letter, for instance, from T. Howell Johnson, of Bloomfield, N. J., former chief and treasurer of the N. J. Firemen’s Association and now vice-president of the Fabric Fire Hose Co., dated February 23, 1925, reads as follows:

“I hand you check for seven dollars covering two years coming to mo of the best fire paper in the world, and if anyone can tell me of a better magazine devoted to fire affairs I would gladly pay ten dollars for two years. Success to you all!”

And from Clay Center, Nebraska, office of the superintendent, comes this significant statement:

“I consider Fire and Water Engineering the best journal that comes to my desk, and I get several of them. You are right up to date in details for the water superintendent. I do not know how yon could make it any better”

While from Lafayette, Indiana, this quotation is typical: I don’t see how any department can get along without FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING and keep abreast of the times.” MELVILLE W. MILLER Superintendent.

And that’s that.

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