From word that has been received by the Fire Engineer the convention of the International Association of Fire Engineers which will take place in October at Atlanta, Ga., will be the greatest gathering of men in this profession in the history of the association.

No particular programme has yet been announced but it has been learned that many interesting and important features are planned. Now this convention to be a success will have to have the support of every man in the profession. Are you planning to go? If not you had better change your mind and set aside the dates for this one purpose. It’s going to be a meeting that will be so chock-full of meat that no paper will be able to do it full justice. Of course the Fire Engineer is going to be on the job but you ought to be there too. The Fire Engineer account of the convention will be a nice souvenir of the occasion and when you read it will help stimulate you for the problems of the coming years.

Conventions can be either wonderful successes or flat failures. This coming gathering is not going to be a failure and it is going to be the biggest kind of a success. But it is up to you to do your part.

The city that has been selected (Atlanta, Ga.) is the scene of many conventions this year and some of the largest associations are gathering there.

Arrangements have been made with one of the finest hotels in the city for housing the convention and it will prove a real treat as well as a pleasant recreation from your daily duties. Plan to get there and make your plans now. The Fire Engineer will be glad to aid you in any way it possibly can, only let us know.

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