The Bigness of Little Things

The Bigness of Little Things

What makes the successful book, or play, or job of fire fighting, if you please?

There is no single recipe. The success, whatever its nature, is usually the sum total of a lot of little attributes.

Trying to put your finger on a single reason for the success of an engineering journal like FIRE ENGINEERING, that has carried on for over three-quarters of a century, is like trying to pick out one single operation that licked a bad fire.

Usually what we call success is based on a lot of little things that were well done, or came out right, just as failure to hold a fire is not usually the result of a single mistake or error, but of a number of little things that went wrong.

Who was it said, “Perfection is no trifle—but trifles make perfection”?

As one well known fire chief puts it, “If we can take care of all the little details of fire fighting, we needn’t worry about the final outcome.”

For 80 years now, this journal has adhered to the publishing dictum of getting, analyzing and presenting the facts— little and big—to a large and ever-growing audience. That goes for its advertising as well as its editorial content.

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