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STRATEGIC CONCEPTS IN FIRE FIGHTING, Edward P. McAniff; McAniff Associates, Inc., 209-22 – 27th Avenue, Bayside, N. Y. 11360; 374 pages, $14.75.

Case histories of fires are used to explain the various fire fighting strategies described in this book by a former chief of department of the New York Fire Department. As the title promises, this is a book filled with strategic concepts of fire fighting and in it you will find the information that can improve your capability as a fireground commander. As a company officer or a fire fighter, you will gain insight into your part in the overall fireground strategy.

Fires in various types of buildings, from one and two-family residences to churches and manufacturing buildings, are described in terms of the strategies used. Questions are asked after each description of a fire and the initial attack. Then the answers to the questions evaluate the strategy actually used and, where appropriate, recommend an alternative strategy.

One chapter explains offensive and defensive strategies, as well as mixtures of the two, as used at specific fires. Another chapter discusses fires that were noteworthy because of the predominant effect of either conduction, convection or radiation. The problems of handling cellar fires, using high expanion foam, extinguishing grease duct fires and operating at tank farm fires also are discussed with specific recommendations for selecting the proper strategy.

This book starts where company training ends. Based on experience, it offers specific advice for improving fireground command.

LEADERSHIP IN THE FIRE SERVICE. Volumes I and II, Edward P. McAniff ana John J. Cunningham; McAniff Associates, 209-22 – 27th Avenue, Bayside, N. Y. 11360, 332 and 366 pages, $11 each.

These two volumes describe leadership principles through questions and answers. The questions are based on situations that occur in the fire service and the answers include explanations that provide understanding of the principles involved.

Among the many areas of leadership discussed are discipline, issuing of orders, supervision, training, span of control, unity of command, performance appraisal, grievances, and group dynamics. Where multiple-choice questions are asked, explanations of both the correct and incorrect answers are given.

Both company officers and chief officers can gain further understanding of how to improve their leadership capabilities by reading these two books.

RESCLE SQUAD, Larry Ferazani; William Morrow & Company, 105 Madison Avenue, New York, N Y. 10016; 244 pages, $7.95.

The highlights of seven years with the rescue squad of the Cambridge, Mass., Fire Department are recounted by the author of this book along with vignettes of his personal life. It is a fast-moving book, easy to read and even easier to enjoy. The tragic incidents are balanced by humorous situations, and they all have the effect of making you feel that you are looking over the author’s shoulder as he participates in the action, whether it be at a fire or rescue job.

The usual happenings in the fire station share space with glimpses of the author’s personal life, and even in these areas beset with the threat of dullness, the author keeps his story believable and moving.

WILDFIRES, PREVENTION AND CONTROL. “Harry P. Gaylor; Robert J. Brady Company, Bowie, Md. 20715; 319 pages, $14.95.

Comprehensive is the word that best describes this book on wildfire fighting. It covers everything from preventing fires to the use of aircraft to support ground crews battling an extensive fire. Tools and methods of operation are clearly described, and fire behavior and safety measures are explained before getting to the major section of the book devoted to fire fighting tactics.

The tactics section covers everything from size-up to mop-up. Line construction techniques are extensively discussed in relation to both manpower and mechanical equipment. Water supply and application are included in this section.

The book is generously illustrated with informative drawings that highlight the important points in the text.

PASSING THOUGHTS OF A FIREFIGHTER, Francis J. Hates; Dorrance & Company, Inc., 1617 J. P. Kennedy Boulevard, Philadelphia, Pa. 19103; 116 pages, $5.95.

This is a book of reminiscences by a deputy chief in Salem, Mass., who entered his department in 1944. It is a galaxy of brief tales, some sad, some humorous, and all of them interesting. It is a book to be read for relaxation and understanding of what the fire service can be like.

LEATHER LUNGS, Lt. (Ret.) Joseph A. Marshall; Dorrance & Company, 1617 J. F. Kennedy Boulevard, Philadelphia, Pa. 19103; 40 pages, $4.95.

Memories of incidents and men fill this book by a retired member of the Philadelphia Fire Department. It is the story of the blacks in the department and particularly those in Engine Company 11. The title, “Leather Lungs,” is the nickname of a chief engineer of the department whose many exploits are recalled but who is not further identified.

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