This excellent piece of fire apparatus is very appropriately named, as was proved during the severe tests which it so successfully stood in Brooklyn last week. The Champion is manufactured by the Fire Extinguisher Manufacturing company of Chicago and combines all the improvements contained in the patents of that company and those of Chief Hale of Kansas city, Mo. It is now as perfect a machine as expert mechanical experience can make it.


There was a large gathering of visiting fire chiefs, Commissioner Wurster, insurance men and fire men present at the trial and they all were much pleased with the manner in which the tower fulfilled the functions for which it is designed. It was raised quickly, turned in all directions and lowered to various angles, in a remarkably short time and it was absolutely rigid with the great pressure of water the siamesed streams forced it to stand. These were the actual results shown in the tests andit was a noticeable fact that out of the large number of interested spectators present there were no comments made except those in favor of the admirable work which the tower performed. The Champion Water tower has been illustrated and described in these columns before,and it is only necessary at this time to say that the commendation heretofore given it can be verified after witnessing its operation at the Brooklyn test. The members of the fire committee from Rochester, N. Y., who were present have decided to recommend the purchase of one of the towers for that city and Commissioner Wurster will add two more to the Brooklyn department when he can procure an appropriation for their purchase. The Eastern agents of the Fire Extinguisher Manufacturing company, Messrs. Hayward and “Whiting of 805 Canal street, New York, had charge of the test and they were much pleased with the result. There is no doubt that the water tower as an effective fire fighting machine is a success and is destined to form part of the equipment of every well regulated department.



A building stood, fair and prone, Two hundred feet From level of street To its cornice stone.

Its structural scheme Was fireproof From base to roof By th’ architect’s theme.

Its standards of angled steel, Terra cotta clout. So swaddled about. Fire could not anneal.

The Expert, that rara homo, Approved the craze In rounded phrase And pomp of Major Domo.

The Underwriter sedate Ignored confines By writing lines Of low and easy rate.

Thus it stood, fair and high, A rental boom, Not a vacant room From its cellar to sky.

But th’ red demon swift came And gathered the pile, With fiendish smile, In his arms of flame.

The blaze wrapped it full and sheer ; They raged amight At dizzy height. While people looked on with fear.

Firemen came to the call given, Their strongest streams Faded like dreams, Could not to that height be driven.

All seemed doom’d to demon power, When with mighty shout The chief ordered out The Champion water tower.

It came, and lilting its giant form Sent the floods of Nile Atop the burning pile Like the bursting of a storm.

The demon yielded up his power ; The fire is out, The people shout, Saved by th’ Champion water tower.