was represented by W. H. Payne, its Southern agent, asisted by H. H. Cypher, of New York, M. J. Burke, of Syracuse, and others. In one of the rooms in the Read house samples of the different brands of hose were shown, and the large number of delegates who visited the display were liberally entertained and presented with suitable souvenirs.


The New Departure Manufacturing company, of Bristol, Conn., manufacturers of the celebrated New Departure bells, had handsome sets of bells and gongs on view in the Read house, in charge of C. A. Hoagland. That gentleman entertained his visitors in his usual pleasant way, and presented each one with a neat silver cigar stand.


This Chattanooga concern made a fine exhibit of its hydrants, valves and waterworks goods. W. H. Hume, manager of the company, looked after the interests of the company, and entertained visitors at its headquarters in the Read house. A description of the hydrant will be given in a later issue of this paper.

R. D. WOOD & co.

This well-known firm was represented by its Western agent, Allen T. Prentice, who displayed some excellent illustrations of the Mathews hydrant, and explained its working to those wno attended the exhibit hall.


G. C. Fiske, agent of this company, presented as a neat souvenir a rubber flesh-brush.


Other manufacturers represented were Cornelius Callahan, Canton Junction, Mass.; J. A. Weider, Syracuse, N. Y., and Charles Best, Cincinnati.


The band of the Atlanta fire department made a very favorable impression. This excellent fife and drum corps was brought to Chattanooga by Chief Joyner, and its playing and fine demeanor surprised everybody.

Chief McQuadc carried out to the letter his promise to give the delegates a good time. There was not a dull minute in the whole program. He is especially to be praised for arranging the beautiful Memorial Service.

The drive through Chickamauga park and trip to Lookout Mountain were greatly appreciated.

The Eastern excursion party of over sixty people had a very pleasant trip, by way of the Norfolk and Western Railway. The visit to the Luray caverns, Va., was very interesting.

It was unfortunate that Secretary Hills should lose a number of railway certificates and some money. The mean rascal who found and kept them is a very poor specimen of thief, seeing that the transportation could not be used, and might have been returned, even if the cash were retained.

Chief Bywater, of Salt Lake City, made a favorable impression by his speeches.

Chief Terry Owens, of Denver, Colo., was accompanied by his bride. The chief was married early in September, and with his wife he paid a visit to some of the large Eastern cities before returning home. His call at the office of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING was much enjoyed

Chief Mulcahey, of Yonkers, N. Y., carried his suggestion as to insisting on drills in public schools.

The new constitution is not much of an improvement over the old. It might be called “Instructions for Secretary.” The idea of appointing directors to audit the accounts seems funny. The business of the directors ought to be to work for larger and more entertaining conventions.

Chief Joyner was entitled to re-election. He made a very efficient presiding officer. Pity he has decided to quit the fire service. His energy and influence will be greatly missed in the association.

It might be a good plan to select a Western and an Eastern city for holding conventions, and alternate every other year. “Trips to the moon” or equally distant points will ultimately decimate the ranks of the association.

Massachusetts, Jersey and New York were well represented, the last named having only two more than the smaller N. J. State.

Now let the vicepresidents work to secure a couple of new members each from their respective States.

The success of the convention was a surprise to everyone.

Duluth has a chance to show what she can do in the way of arranging a program.

Chief Magee, of Dallas, made a grand effort for the convention, and he was beaten only because the members thought a Western city was entitled to it next year.

The splendid souvenir edition of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING issued for the occasion was much admired. Copies were eagerly sought after and stowed away for future perusal. The edition contained sixty pages and handsome red cover. 100 illustrations and portraits and twenty-four pages of interesting fire literature. The publishers of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING always perform what they promise in their special editions, and are pleased to know their efforts are appreciated.

The proprietor of the Read house treated his guests well. There was every desire to give good service, and no attempt was made at extortionate prices, the consequence was there were no kickers.

At the next convention some accommodation might well be made for the delegates to sit down while waiting to pay their dues. It is a comfortless thing to be kept standing outside a railing for a long time, when scats in a room could be easily provided. It would certainly be more hospitable.



Special Stenograplc Report to FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING.

The thirty-second annual convention of the International Association of Fire Engineers was held last week in the Auditorium. On the morning of September 13 the delegates, with Chief Joyner, of Atlanta, Ga., president of the association, headed by the drum and bugle corps of the Atlanta fire department, and accompanied by Mayor Howell and the members of the board of fire masters of that city, marched to the place of meeting, where the convention was opened with prayer by the Rev. J. W. Bachman, D. D. Mayor Chambliss, of Chattanooga, introduced by Chief McCabe, then welcomed the association to the city, in the course of which he alluded to firemen as those “who fight fire in the wildness of the night to the tune of clanging bells and the wails of women and cries of little children. All honor, Mr. President, to this type of firemen, our heroes of peace—not fighters of their fellowmen, but fighters of fire! All honor, Mr. President, to that splendid type of firemen for whom you stand, who fight, not to destroy life and property, but to save both !” The address of the mayor was responded to by the president, Chief I. B Hyatt, of Meriden, Conn., and Mayor Howell, of Atlanta. After routine business adjournment was taken till the afternoon session, in the course of which forty active members and six associate were elected as follows:


CHIEFS. W. H. Martin. Steubenville, Ohio

J. W. Wilkes, Vicksburg. Miss

Geo. P. McGillan, Appleton. Wis.

O. W. Pettey, Alexandria, Vs.

E. E. Eastham. Vermont, Tex.

G. F. W. Scherers, Springfield. 111.

W. P. McArthur, Americua, Ga.

John S. Kraft. New Albany, Ind.

J. K. Casey, Muncle, Ind.

W. M. Kennedy, Green Bay. Wis.

Jno. H. Espey. Elmira. N. Y.

N. Bradfield, LaCrosse, Wis.

F. E. Morales Y Valcarcel, Havana, Cuba

Fred, Weisener, South Pittosurg, Tenn.

K. H. King, Kearny, N. J.

Geo. W. McDorman, Athena, Ga.

Saml. F. Hunter. Springfield, Ohio

V. L. Adams. Talladega. Ala.

Walter W. Woolleott, Raleigh. N. C.

K. D. Bartlett. Plymouth. Maas.

J. H. Marvin, Frankfort, Ind.

Edw. Mooney, Bridgeport, Conn.

E. A. Ault, Lorain, Ohio

Frank C. Reylarula, Augusta. Ga.

Henry W. Parker, Stamford. Conn.

J. T. McFarland, Marlon. Ohio

J. J. Wood. Paducah. Ky.

A.W. Coote, St. Albans. Vt.

T. H. O’Donnell Fast Newark, N. J.

David S. Ray. Portland, Me.

John H. Bennett. Asbury Park. N. J.

L. C. Varnedol. Valdosta. Ga.

J. M. Hofner. Elyria. Ohio

C. A. Nyles. Burlington, Vt.

R. L. Wayeross, Ga.

W. S. Bare, Bristol, Tenn.

Jno. C. Green. Brunswick. Ga.

Frank Manly. Dalton, Go.

O. C. Dow. Walterville, Me.

A. J. Spencer, Chelsea, Mass.


O. S. Doolittle, Chicago. Ill.

W. H. Payne, Atlanta. Ga

T. R. Polgiase. Chicago, Ill.

Clay Ralrd. Chicago. Ill.

The Herron P. & T. co., Chattanooga, Tenn.

Chas. B. Castle. New York

OFFICERS FOR 1904-1005.

President, W. U. Joyner. Atlanta, da.

First Vicepresident. John Stagg, Paterson. N. J.

Second Vicepresident. Geo, M. Kellogg. Sioux City. Ia.

State Vicepresidents. T. F. Price, Alabama

Chas. F. Hafer, Arkansas

J. B. Fuller. Connecticut

D. T. Sullivan. California

T. F. Owens. Colorado

Frederic G. Morales Y Valcarcel. Cuba

W. T. Belt. District of Columbia

H.G. Fulford. Florida

T. K. Jones. Georgia

Chas. K. Coats. Illinois

W. J. Jesse, Kentucky

Thos. O’Connor, Louisiana

W. B. Randlett. Massachusetts

George W. Horton. Maryland

F. W. Peabody. Mississippi

Chas. Little. New York

James F. Kidney, New Jersey

W. C. Greene. New Hampshire

Walter Woolleott. North Carolina

John Thompson, Ontario

W. B. Martin, Ohio

George W. Miller, Pennsylvania

Z. Benoit, Province of Quebec

A. J. patt. Rhode Island

P. W. McKeever, South Dakota

O. J. Marjenhoff, South Carolina

Harry A. McQuade, Tennessee

H. F. Magee, Tex.

W. H. Bywater, Utah

A. W. Coote, Vermont

W. G. Puller, Virginia

Robert Cline. West Virginia

G. P. McGillan, Wisconsin

Secretary, Henry A. Hills, Wyoming, Ohio

Treasurer, D. C. Larkin, Dayton, Ohio

Board of Directors, D. C. Larkin, Dayton, Ohio

J. T. Mullin, Birmingham, Ala.

Fillmore Tyson, Louisville, Ky.

The thirty-third annual convention will be held next year at Duluth, Minn.


The following list of those in attendance is taken from the register:



T. F. Price, Mobile

W. F. Nolan, Bessemer

J. T. Mulltn, Birmingham

V. L. Adams, Talladega

J. F. Browder, Montgomery

J. H. Vvilson, Greenville

J. W. Spencer, Eufaula


Chas. F. Hafer, Little Rock


T. F. Owens, Denver


J. B. Fuller, Naugatuck

Howard L. Stanton, Norwich

John Farmer, Stanley Works, New Britain

Bdwa rd Mooney, Bridgeport

Rufus It. Fancher, New Haven

Samuel O. Snagg, Waterbury

H. W. Parker, Stamford


F. E. Morales Y Valcarcel, Havana


W. T. Belt, Washington


T. W. Haney, Jacksonville

H. O. Fulford, Key West

A. J. Harris. Tampa


L M. Jones, Macon

G. VV. MeDorman. Athens

W. R. Joyner, Atlanta

W. P. McArthur. Americus

T. E. James, Albany

L. C. Varnedol, Valdosta

R. S. Singleton, Waycross

I. F. Pearce, Columbus

Frank Mauly, Dalton

H. C. Harrington. Rome

J. K. Maguire, Savannah


C.F. Kirgis, Chicago Heights

W. H. Musham. Chicago

J.F. Sexton, Joliet

J. M. Geddls Elgin

E. H. Merscn, Evanston

C.VV. Devore, Decatur


Filmore Tyson, Ixruisville


T. O’Connor, New Orleans

Chris. O’Brien, Shreveport


Geo. W. Horton, Baltimore


M.N. Eldrtdge, Portland

C. C. Dow, Waterville


Henry Lemoin, Grand Rapids

John Kendall, Detroit

F. W. Peabody, Albion

T. K. Harding. Bay City

Benj. F. King. Jaclcson

M.P. Raseman, Kalamazoo


Geo. S. Coleman. Worcester

K. D. Bartlett, Plymouth

Harry L. Marston, Brockton

Philip Partenheimer. Greenfield

H. S. Hosmer, Lowell

H. R. Packard. Attleboro

F. K. Chase. Northampton

W. J. Littlefield, Springfield

W. B. Randlett. Newton

W. T. Cheswell. Boston

H. A. Spencer. Chelsea

L. A. Weston, Adams


J. R. Canterbury. Minneapolis

John T. Black. Duluth


J. W. Wilkes. Vicksburg


Thos. W. Lane. Manchester

W. C. Green, Concord


S. J. Blair, East Orange

John Stagg, Paterson

Ivins D. Applegate. Hoboken

J. F. Kidney, New Brunswick

C. H. King. Kearny

P. J. Goodman, Harrison

Jos. P. Coburn. Harrison

D. J. O’Neill. Ridgewood

Jos. A. Burns. Long Branch

F. H. O’Donnell. East Newark

Aug. Gerstung. Elizabeth

J. W. Hodgkinson, Orange

Geo. W. Arnett, Lambertville

Robt. Kiersted, Newark


B. J. McConnell. Buffalo

Jos. M. Hedeman. Hornellsville

E.J. Jewhurst, Auburn

R. G. Blackburn, Oswego

Fred. Morrison, Watertown

L. Briggs, Rome

Chas. Little, Rochester

John P. Quigley, Syracuse

Philip Baker, Port Chester

Henry R. Yates, Schenectady

R. Purcell, Richfield Springs

D. J. Sullivan, Utica

James J. Mulcahey, Yonkers

E. F. Croker. New York

O. F. Utz, Niagara Falls

James Ross, New Rochelle

Mayhew W. Bronson, Larchmont

Geo. Nagengast, Poughkeepsie

C. H. Riggs, Elmira

Theo. Randolph, Suffern


Walter Woolcott, Raleigh


W. H. Loller, Youngstown

W. B. Martin. Steubenville

Henry A. Hills, Wyoming

Bert Coates. Lima

D. K. Moser Warren

J. F. Lightell. Coshocton

E. A. Ault, Lorain

T. J. McFarland, Marion

Geo. A. Wallace, Cleveland

J. A. Archibald, Cincinnati

C. J. Lauer, Columbus


Herbert Heston (Penn. R. R.), Philadelphia

Geo. W. Lutz, Harrisburg

M. S. Humphreys, Pittsburg

Geo. W. Miller, Reading

Frank J. Connery, New Castle


George A. Stecre, Providence

Lewis F. Butler, Pawtucket

Irving F. Patt, Central Falls

A. J. Kirwin, Newport


O. G. Marjenhoff, Charleston


P. W. McKeever, Sioux Falls


W. F. Carroll, Memphis

A. A. Rozetta, Nashville

S. B. Boyd, Knoxville

W. O. Horner, Cleveland

H. A. McQuade, Chattanooga


E. E. East ham, Beaumont

J. H. Maddox. Fort Worth

H. F. McGee, Dallas

A. M. Prescott, Waco


Wm. H. Bywater. Salt Lake City


C. A. Niles, Burlington

A. W. Coote, St. Albans


Geo. W. Pettey, Alexandria

W. G. Fuller, Richmond

E. V. Farley. Petersburg

W. L. Sandidge, Lynchburg

James McFall, Roanoke


Robt. D. Cline, Wheeling

Frank Reed, Fairmont


Geo. P. McGillan. Appleton

H. Meminger, Milwaukee

N. Broadfield, La Crosse

FORMER Chiefs.—A. C. Hendricks. New Haven. Conn.; L. A. Bentley. Eaton Rapids, Mich.; George C. Hale. Kansas City. Mo.; J. A. Campbell, Elmira. N.Y.; L. E. Meader. Oneida. N. Y.; T. G. Worthley. Long Branch. N. J.; J. H. Petz, Long Branch. N. J.; Jas. E. Clary. Memphis. Tenn.


O. P. Crocker, Gamewell Fire Alarm Tel. co., Atlanta

W. H. Payne. Eureka Fire Hose co., Atlanta

O. S. Doolittle, American-LaFranee Fire Eng. co., Chicago

T. R. Polglase. American-LaFranee Fire Eng. co., Chicago.

S. H. Mitchell, American-LaFranee Fire Eng. co., Chicago.

Chas. C. Glazier. Glazier Nozzle co., Indianapolis

Jno. T. Glazier. Glazier Nozzle co., Indianapolis

G. C. Fiske, Boston Woven Hose & Rubber co., Boston

Cornelius Callahan. Canton Junction, Mass.

R. Ross Holloway, American-LaFranee Fire Eng. co., Baltimore

Jos. H. Thomas. American-LaFranee Fire Engine co., Baltimore

C. F. H. Freese. Globe Mfg. co., Pittsfield, N. H.

A. T. Olson. Globe Mfg. co., Pittsfield. N. H.

New York Coupling & Supply co., J. J. Finerty, New York

D. A. Woodhouse, Nott Fire Eng. co., New York.

M. H. Hart, Fabric Fire Hose co., New York.

W. Gellatly. Gamewell Fire Alarm Tel. co., New York

Andrew Jersey. American-La France Fire Eng. co., New York

John A. McKay, Combination Ladder co., New York

Chas. Berst. Gamewell Fire Alarm co., Cincinnati

James W. Meek, Columbus

C. W. Black, Seagrave co., Columbus

H. T. Pratt. Eureka Fire Hose co., Columbus

O. S. Doolittle. American-LaFranee Fire Eng. co., Chi

E. C. Hartman. Rotary Hose Drier co., Lebanon. Pa.

C. A. Hoagland, New Departure Bell co., Bristol, Conn.

H. H. Cypher, Eureka Fire Hose co., New York

Cyrus R. Robinson. East Concord. N. H.

Allen T. Prentice. R. D. Wood & Co., Chicago

John P. Ahrens, A merican France Fire Engine co., Cincinnati

A. T. Shearer. Fabric Fire Hose co., Columbus

C. N. Richardson, Combination Ladder co., Providence R. I.

E. A. Wilkinson. Nott Fire Eng. co.. Minneapolis

M. J. Burke. Eureka Fire Hose co.. Syracuse, N. Y

C. B. Castle. The Multiple Woven Hose & Rubber co., New York

(To be continued.)