The Chief Writes us a Letter

The Chief Writes us a Letter

ONE of the many friendly letters we are receiving from our readers is the following from Lakefield, Ont.:

“I want to say that your magazine is a wonderful journal and one which every chief should have; and I would have had it sooner too, only I didn’t know about it. I am like a lot of other fellows, merely in this game as a hobby and the community spirit,— wholly a volunteer; but I am anxious to learn all I can about the game. I certainly have digested everything in the copies I have so far received, and believe me, it is worth while stuff! I have found many solutions to my problems already and am ready to learn more.

With best wishes,

Yours truly,


Chief, F. D.”

All right, old top, we ll do our best to give Jiyou more of what you want! Glad you like it!

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