The Coming Chief’s Convention

The Coming Chief’s Convention

The fifty-third annual convention of the International Association of Fire Engineers, which convened in Louisville, Ky., next week, will have some interesting features that should make it one of the best the association has ever held. An important fact is that the meeting and exhibit halls are under one roof. This is a most advantageous arrangement, allowing the chiefs to view the exhibits without going out of doors, taking a walk of several blocks or a trolley or bus ride as has been the case in some previous instances. It should result in an unusually large attendance of chiefs in the exhibit hall at the Jefferson Armory, between sessions of the convention.

Another important arrangement at this year’s convention is the announced plan to devote one whole day to the exhibits and to tests. The advantage of this idea will be that neither of these important adjuncts will in any way interfere with the attendance at the regular sessions of the convention. Heretofore one had to chose, in many instances, between an important session of the association or be compelled to miss an interesting test, neither of which could well be dispensed with. With the plan of setting apart a portion of a certain day to the tests this trouble can be avoided.

The convention city, Louisville, Ky„ is so near to the center of things that chiefs from all parts of the country should find no difficulty in attending and for this reason the convention this year should have a record-breaking attendance. The attractiveness of the southern city and the well-known hospitality of its citizens should insure to the visiting chiefs and their ladies a very enjoyable and pleasant week, while the numberless problems that will no doubt be taken up and thoroughly discussed by the members should make this convention notable from every .point of view.

On the whole the prospects point to the fact that the Louisville convention will be a very profitable and enjoyable gathering and will fully come up to the high standard of the annual conventions of the I. A. F. E.


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