The Connecticut Convention.

The Connecticut Convention.


The eleventh annual convention of this Association will be held in the Opera House, in the city of Derby, on Wednesday and Thursday the 1st and 2nd of August, 1894.

The headquarters of the President and Secretary will be at the Bassett House, where the Executive Committee will hold a meeting at 10:30 A. M. on Wednesday the 1st and the convention will assemble in the Opera House, at 2 P. M , sharp and the delegates are requested to present their credentials to the Secretary, sign the roll and receive their badge—before the meeting, if possible.

The fire department and citizens of Derby, have made arrangements to receive their visitors in fine style, and will tender them a banquet on Wednesday evening.

On Thursday morning, previous to the assembling of the convention, a couple of hours will be devoted to exhibitors.

The outlook promises one of the best conventions yet held by the Association and every fire department and company in the State should make an effort to be represented.

The annual dues of each department officer, one dollar; and of each company, two dollars, according to the by-laws must be paid on or before the first day of August in each year, in advance for the ensuing year, and a non-compliance with this by-law forfeits membership.

Yours Kraternally,


Secretary C. S. E. A.

The Connecticut Convention.

The Connecticut Convention.

Nearly 200 delegates attended the tenth annual convention of the Connecticut State Firemen’s Association at Danbury last week. The principal business was the reading of officers’ reports. President Kennedy reported that during the nine years of the association’s existence it had paid sick and disabled firemen $29,000, and eleven death benefits amounting to $5000. In the past year eighty-nine applicants have received $3498, and ten orphaned children have received $546 in pensions.

Secretary Jones reported that the association is composed of 158 companies, beside ninety-seven department members, making a total of 225. Seven companies and eleven department members were added during the past year. Two members, George A. Dennison of New Haven and Henry L. Smith of Norwich, have died. At the last session of the legislature an additional appropriation of $3000 was made to the association, making a total of $8000.

Treasurer Snaggs reported the total receipts on both Stale and association accounts to be $11.037 ; expenditures, $5652 ; balance in the treasury August I, $5384. The firemen were tendered a banquet at which all the distinguished and local people were present.

The following officers were elected for the ensuing year : President, H. J. Eaton, Hartford; vice-presidents, W.,C. Smith, New Haven; F. W. Willey, Middletown; John Wagner, Rockville; L.W. Greeneberg, Norwich; W. O.Wallace, Ansonia ; J. H. Odiorne, Southington ; Luke Flynn, WiUfmantic ; C. E. Palmer, Bridgeport ; Walter S. Judd, Litchfield ; secretary, J. S. Jones, Westport ; treasurer, S. C. Snaggs. Waterbury. Delegate to national convention, T. A. Louusbury, Danbury.