The Citadel of the City’s Safely is Fire Headquarters; “Public Service is the Highest of Civic Virtues.” “Come, let us take counsel together.”

Any editorial or article, signed or unsigned, any communication or item of news appearing at any time in The FIRE ENGINEER is a fair subject for a fair attack.

Any reader disagreeing with any idea or the expression of it should say so.

An, subject not properly or sufficiently treated should find its prompt refutation or enlargement at the hands of some reader or readers.

This is the last issue of the FIRE ENGINEER that will go to our subscribers before the annual meeting of the International Association of Fire Engineers, and it is the last opportunity that we will have to urge that every member who can possibly do so should attend the convention.

In other sections of this issue will be found some of the attractions that Atlanta holds for the visitor, and there also is published the complete new constitution of the Association. We advise members to study this constitution carefully, for it will be voted upon as printed and it would be well for all members to be acquainted with the instrument under which the organization will function.

The coming meeting undoubtedly will be the most important of any in the history of the Association, as there will be presented matters of great importance to every individual chief and officer. That is one reason why this magazine so strongly urges that all who can to attend. The discussion that will follow the presentation of the papers will bring out many points that probably will not be covered in any report of the convention. Therefore all who possibly can should he on the scene to take part in this discussion.

The FIRE ENGINEER desires to extend to the members of the Association the hope that great good will be accomplished.




Next week the New England Water Works Association will hold its thirty-sixth annual convention, in Hartford. It is to be hoped that the great success of Portland last year may be repeated, and there is no apparent reason why it should not. The officers of the Association have been busy for some time arranging an interesting program of subjects for presentation, and the local committee and Manufacturers’ Association expect to meet all the wants of the visitors in the line of entertainment. This special issue of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING, for the occasion, contains a descriptive article on Hartford’s water works system and a brief historical sketch of the city. Besides these are four pages of water works statistics and other matter which will interest the members. The Convention is scheduled to last four days, commencing on Tuesday, so that there will be ample time to finish the literary end of the program and enjoy the liberal entertainment provided. The New England Association has passed the thousand mark and it is rapidly increasing in importance and usefulness, so that those who visit the Hartford convention will be able to form a most agreeable impression of what it is and how well it is governed.