The Day Dream of Her Life.

The Day Dream of Her Life.

Two lovely girls, society debutantes, says Ed. White, lounged languidly in the elegant boudoir. Daintily arrayed in morning robes of cream and white, they were like two fabled princesses in their own matchless beauty and in the sumptuous luxury of their surroundings. Nature had showered her choicest blessings upon them, and fortune had made them her beloved children.

They were talking.

“After all,” musingly observed the fair creature whose golden tresses were caught in a bewitching Psyche knot, “ I feel that I have not seen the best there is in life.”

With a half suppressed sigh she clasped her hands and gazed in dreamy discontent into space.

“ I don’t understand you.”

The w’illowy figure of the darker girl leaned in careless grace against the divan, and her brown eyes were turned toward her companion in mild surprise.

“ I don’t know the world as I should.”

She spoke with a tinge of impatience, and the clasped hands were pressed together more tightly.

“ Don’t know the world ?”

The brown eyes grew large with astonishment.

“ No ; I feel that I am innocent.”

“ But you have been on several slumming tours ?”

The fair head was slightly inclined in acquiescence, while the full red lips curled with scorn.

“ Yes.” mockingly, “ I have been slumming.”

“ And you have carried flowers .to condemned murderers ?

“ I have.”

“ And you have bet on horse races ?”

“ Many times.”

“And you have taught a class in’Chinese mission Sunday school ?”

“ Yes, yes all of that.

For a moment the dark beauty stared in silence.

“And still—you think—you don’t—know the world?” she murmured at last, wondering and incredulous.

The other rose to her feet in sudden animation.

“ I lack experience,” she passionately exclaimed, “ O, how woefully.”

Advat cing a pace she stood before the mirror and gazed bitterly at the reflection of her magnificent figure.

I have never yet,” and her voice had a hard, metallic, hopeless sound, “been awakened from my dreams to find the house on fire—”

The hot blood was mounting to her cheeks.

“ With escape cut off by the flames ; to shriek with fright and -”

Her form was dilating with excitement.

“ Give myself up for lost ; to be-”

She was growing hysterical.

“ In the nick of time, wrapped in a blanket and carried down a ladder by a real, live fireman.”

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