The December Cover Photograph

The December Cover Photograph

Many requests were received from readers for additional information concerning the traffic accident illustrated on the cover of the December, 1934, issue of FIRE ENGINEERING.

The fire apparatus was on its way from Engine House No. 45, Baltimore, Md., in answer to a silent alarm. It roared across the intersection at Cross Country Boulevard and Sulgrave Avenue, with its siren screaming and its bell clanging. The trolley car came down Cross Country Boulevard. The crash impact sent the fire apparatus spinning on its side and derailed the trolley.

Gasoline from the wrecked apparatus flooded the street. Police cleared the intersection for fear that some spectator might drop a lighted cigarette and start a fire.

Four firemen were injured, the motorman of the trolley was hurt, and a woman passenger bruised. The side of the apparatus was splintered and it was virtually demolished.

An eye witness to the accident said:

“The fire apparatus was coming down Sulgrave Avenue, with its whistle blowing. I saw the car coming along the boulevard and I knew there was going to be an accident before they ever hit. For an instant it seemed as though the fire engine would get across ahead of the car. Then they hit. The street car struck the fire engine right in the middle and seemed to knock it right to pieces. The fire truck was knocked over on its side and firemen were thrown in every direction. The front of the street car was all smashed in and the motorman was badly hurt.”

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